Burger Games

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What a beautiful, bright and sunny day. It is just the perfect weather for a making your famous burgers outside your lawn. It is a special family recipe that has been handed down from generations. You want this day to be perfect. You checked and double checked all the ingredients. You made sure that everything is fresh and the ingredients are enough for your entire invited guest. You checked the outdoor grill, testing every switch and valve. You are making certain that everything is in an efficient working condition.

It is now time to start. You read the instructions and started preparing your patty. You placed the patties on the grill. While waiting for it to cook, you selected large bun. ‘This is just right for your patty,’ you said. You sliced the bun in half and toasted both parts for a bit and then set it aside. Now that the patty is ready, it is now time to do the fixings. You added the patty, fresh tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and onions on the large bun. Don’t forget the cheese. Behold the perfect burger. Now if only I could memorize this one so I can finally advance to the next round.

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