Ice Cream Games

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Serve or create, either way can definitely satiate that sweet tooth of yours. With lots of flavors to choose from, earn the love of your costumers through ice cream games. Try out these exciting and education titles:

Those boys look as hungry! They are craving for ice-cream and you are the one to give it to them. Satisfy their cravings and you'll see the love in their eyes! In China Ice Cream, do not let language be the hindrance to your cooking game success.

A deep fried ice cream is a special treat! Its origins go years back and now its secret recipe is here for you! An ordinary ice cream is okay but this exotic dessert is more than extraordinary! In this cooking game we are going to teach you how it's done! Do you happen to have some vanilla essence? And if you want to create the perfect chocolate velvet ice cream with whipped cream topping requires a lot of mixing and thoughtfulness. Being meticulous is a must in this game as this recipe is very complicated and hard to follow through. Are you up for our ice cream challenge?

Wow! This is amazing. Now you can actually create your own deep fried or chocolate velvet ice cream in the comforts of your own home. It is really simple and a lot of fun when playing flash cooking games.

All the games provided by icookinggames are easy to access and are free of charge. Hurry and satisfy your ice cream cravings immediately.